Unfinished Estates: Woodlands/ Rivervale Estates, Dunleer

Following the downturn in 2007, the country was littered with 100s of unfinished estates. Woodlands & Rivervale  were left with a combination of  an unfinished estate and a legacy of issues, as a result of poor building standards. Colm helped establish and worked closely with a strong residents association and also worked closely with Louth County Council officials.  As a result of our collective effort we managed to access €300,000 of cash bond, to address the issues with sewerage, lighting, roads estate entrance, landscaping and fencing. Phase 1 of this work was completed in 2013, with a contractor for Phase 2 appointed in April 2014 and works due to begin in May 2014.

A further €350,000 was secured from the Dept. of Environment to help complete 6 unfinished houses, in Woodlands estate. This €650,000 represents the largest sum invested in an unfinished estate in the whole of the North-East.