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Oriel Sea Salt. Unfinished Estates: Woodlands/ Rivervale Estates, Dunleer. Whiteriver Landfill. Re-Alignment of Station Road, Castlebellingham. Bellingham Castle. Dunleer Playground. Castlebellingham Playground/ Community Field. Dillonstown Community Centre. Clogherhead Prawn Festival. Marathons, Marathons, Marathons. Naomh Fionnbarra. Togher INFO. Leinster Fleadh.

Oriel Sea Salt

Oriel Sea Salt is a newly established company in Clogherhead which extracts minerals and salt from the sea water over a fault line which runs under the sea.  Colm has helped and supported Oriel Sea Salt to get established in their current location and also through the LEADER programme helped them install hi-tech equipment from […]

Unfinished Estates: Woodlands/ Rivervale Estates, Dunleer

Following the downturn in 2007, the country was littered with 100s of unfinished estates. Woodlands & Rivervale  were left with a combination of  an unfinished estate and a legacy of issues, as a result of poor building standards. Colm helped establish and worked closely with a strong residents association and also worked closely with Louth […]