Whiteriver Landfill

Ever since Whiteriver landfill was opened, the local community has fought hard to improve the standards of management and has worked to secure the closure of the site, with limited success. In 2010 Colm was invited to a committee meeting in Phillipstown and, once appraised of the issues, he began to address many of the […]

Re-Alignment of Station Road, Castlebellingham

After lobbying to secure funding from central government, towards upgrading the above regional road (R166), Colm insisted that the secured funding be used to eliminate 2 of the most notoriously  dangerous bends in Co. Louth, rather than be spent on other proposed remedial works of lesser significance. He identified an alternative option that reduced the […]

Bellingham Castle

In 2008 The castle in Castlebellingham was put up for sale. However, due to the downturn in the economy and a number of background issues, it failed to sell. In 2010, at the depth of the recession and due to increasing cost and declining business, the Castle closed. While it lay idle it remained on […]