MEP Midlands North West

Let’s Not Miss Opportunity – Markey

Midlands North-West MEP, Colm Markey, has welcomed movement from the UK negotiators on fishing and is calling on both parties to make every effort to get a deal over the line.

“The gap between both sides is now so small that it would be madness to let an agreement slip through our hands.  The chaotic scenes currently at British ports should be enough to focus everyone’s mind on the downside of not reaching a deal.  For those involved in haulage, in food processing and in farming the last few days have shown the nightmare that could be to come if there isn’t an agreement.”

“While I don’t underestimate the political issues involved, this would be the biggest free trade agreement that the EU or the UK have ever signed.  Allowing it to collapse would be a colossal failure.  The fact that the British have made a move has shown that they are willing to negotiate.  We need to seize this opportunity.”
“While we are still talking, progress is possible, and every effort must be made to close this chapter.  There will eventually be some sort of outworking of this situation.  It is better if this comes about in a negotiated manner rather than through a chaotic hands-off approach.”
“In the spirit of the season, I am calling on both parties to ensure that their language is temperate and that both sides show the goodwill necessary to find consensus.  If we go beyond Christmas, the impetus to close out a deal could be lost.   A deal in the coming days would be a great gift for the peoples of the European Union and of Britain.”


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