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Working for You On Transport – Markey

Connectivity to mainland Europe is vital.  As the full implications of Brexit on hauliers and exporters becomes clear, I will work to ensure that logistical difficulties are minimised and for the provision of a variety of means of effective connection to mainland Europe.
Living close to the border, I am also acutely aware of the importance of freedom of movement both north-south and east-west and will work with colleagues in Government to reduce any potential barriers.
As part of the European Green Deal, a Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) policy will look at the development of a Europe-wide network of railway lines, roads, inland waterways, maritime shipping routes, ports, airports and railroad terminals. The objective is to remove bottlenecks and barriers, as well as to strengthen social, economic and territorial cohesion in the EU. Connectivity to mainland Europe will be vital in a post-Brexit world, and I will work to ensure the provision of an effective
Likewise, I will highlight the unique concerns of those living outside our cities in the transition to a more sustainable transport system.
The Green Deal is informing all future Transport policy initiatives. The Connecting Europe Facility will allocate funding to a variety of transport sectors from January 2021. This money could be used to invest in charging stations for electric cars, greenways and blueways, and the continued improvement of connectivity. These funds will be instrumental in fueling the post-COVID recovery and providing a much needed boost to domestic tourism.

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