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Offshore wind delays contributing to high energy bills

Fine Gael’s Colm Markey has warned that electricity bills will remain high unless Ireland speeds up the rollout of indigenous energy sources such as offshore wind production.

The Midlands-North-West MEP was reacting to new figures, which reveal that electricity prices here are the highest in Europe

The Household Energy Price Index, commissioned by the Austrian and Hungarian energy regulators, revealed that Irish consumers are paying €900 a year more compared with the EU average.

“It is deeply concerning that Irish households are paying such a significant premium for electricity compared to the rest of Europe. These findings reveal a pressing need to expedite the development of indigenous energy sources, particularly offshore wind. The lack of available alternatives and the heavy reliance on overseas energy supply are key contributors to this alarming disparity”, he commented.

He added, “It is imperative that Ireland takes swift and decisive actions to address delays in the development of offshore wind projects. By prioritising the expansion of renewable energy infrastructure, Ireland can simultaneously work towards meeting its climate targets and alleviating the financial strain on consumers”.

MEP Markey said several pressing issues need to be addressed.

“We must address complex regulatory procedures, ensure we deliver on our commitment to redevelop the national grid and invest in our ports to support offshore production. Offshore wind has the potential to play a transformative role in Ireland’s energy landscape and if we tackle these challenges head on, we can create a more resilient and affordable energy future for our citizens. We need to overcome the aspiration gap and get on with delivery”, he concluded.



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