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Call for Cross-Departmental Strategy to Prepare for Ireland’s Joint Hosting of Euro 2028

Call for Cross-Departmental Strategy to Prepare for Ireland’s Joint Hosting of Euro 2028 – MEP Colm Markey

6th October 2023

Midlands North West MEP Colm Markey, has called for a concerted cross-departmental strategy to prepare for Ireland’s joint bid to host the Euro 2028 football tournament. Recognising the tremendous economic, cultural, and sporting potential this event holds for Ireland, Markey emphasised the need for a united effort to ensure a successful tournament.


Visiting Drogheda United today (Friday), MEP Markey said:


“The Euro 2028 football tournament represents a unique opportunity for Ireland to shine on the international stage, welcoming football fans from across the globe and showcasing our nation’s incredible passion for sport. Beyond the thrill of the matches, hosting this tournament could yield substantial economic benefits, job creation, and a lasting legacy for our country.”


To maximise Ireland’s chances of ensuring that the tournament is a resounding success, Markey is advocating for the establishment of a cross-departmental task force. This task force would bring together key government departments, sports organisations, key among them the FAI, and industry leaders to collaboratively address various crucial elements of the preparation process.


  1. This includes the urgent need to identify and prioritise upgrades and improvements to stadiums, transportation networks, and accommodation facilities, ensuring they meet the highest international standards.
  2. Developing a comprehensive security plan to guarantee the safety of players, officials, spectators, and residents throughout the tournament will also need to be considered alongside the policing and football authorities.
  3. Showcasing Ireland as a top tourist destination, with initiatives such as fan zones and cultural events to engage and entertain international visitors.
  4. Given our climate and bio diversity targets, it is paramount that the organising authorities implement eco-friendly practices and sustainable solutions to minimize the environmental footprint of the event.


Markey believes that a coordinated effort across Government departments and with input from various stakeholders is essential to guarantee a smooth and successful Euro 2028.  Hosting this prestigious tournament would not only boost our national pride but also contribute significantly to our country’s growth and prosperity.


The North East stands as a pivotal region that is ideally situated to assume a leading role in supporting the success of Euro 2028. Its geographic proximity to Dublin and Belfast provides a strategic advantage, ensuring easy accessibility for both local and international spectators.


Moreover, the North East’s vibrant football culture and passionate community of supporters create an atmosphere of genuine enthusiasm for football. Local clubs, and grassroots initiatives in this region have produced top-quality talent over the years, making it an ideal hub for nurturing and showcasing football excellence during the tournament.


“The significance of Euro 2028 extends beyond the excitement of elite football, emphasizing a commitment to leaving a lasting legacy for grassroots football and the League of Ireland, fostering local talent, community engagement, and the enduring growth of the beautiful game at its roots,” Markey continued.


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